Need Help Developing?

If you need help with your development work, then you have come to the right place. Phoenix Consulting Worldwide is a small agency with a select few international development consultants – working for the greater good – all with unique talents and capabilities  offered at a reasonable cost. Whether you are an international development organization working in … Continue reading Need Help Developing?

Lucia De Vries

Lucia de Vries is a Phoenix Sr. Associate who is a journalist and communication consultant with a special interest in development issues, media training, human rights issues, oral history, children’s books and film making. Writing & Editing With thirty years of journalistic experience, Lucia works as a feature writer and reporter for English language papers such … Continue reading Lucia De Vries

Sanzip Rai

With over 3 million YouTube  views to his credit, Sanzip Rai is our go-to Sr. Associate for all things related to video & audio production, as well as for professional photography. His innovative production approaches and filming ability make him very popular with development organizations, TV producers and performing artists.  His camera and editing skills are put to best use … Continue reading Sanzip Rai

Phoenix Arises…

Phoenix arose first in 2004 with the Kathmandu incorporation of Phoenix Studios Nepal Pvt. Ltd. The primary business back then was studio recordings, and we mostly catered to local musicians who needed a place to record professionally (and to just hang out and jam). However, with the likes of Jerry Julian and other professional artists that made Phoenix … Continue reading Phoenix Arises…

Shraddha Shah

Shraddha Shah is our top HR Officer (CHRO) here at Phoenix, and she also works as an Operations Analyst within the World Bank Group, Nepal. Prior to that, she was engaged with the WB Education Sector.  She holds an MBA from the Asian Institute of Technology (Thailand), and has several years of experience working in the Netherlands and South Korea. In … Continue reading Shraddha Shah

Jigs Gaton

Jigs Gaton is the CEO and founder of Phoenix Consulting and Training Worldwide, and for his entire career he has helped large organizations do better. His skill set includes large-scale Project Management, IT, Media Design & Production, and his trademark training & facilitating. Project Management Ever since landing his first real job with IBM back in 1979, Jigs has … Continue reading Jigs Gaton