Need Help Developing?

Need Help Developing?
Then we have some professionals for you! 

If you need help with your development work, then you have come to the right place. Phoenix Consulting Worldwide is a small agency with a select few international development consultants – working for the greater good – all with unique talents and capabilities  offered at a reasonable cost. Whether you are an international development organization working in a developing country, or a private enterprise rolling out the next best thing, our associates can help.

Originally started back in 2006 as an Audio/Visual Studio, Phoenix has risen from helping recording artists produce great music, to helping  large enterprises produce a better place to live and do business.

Our hand-picked international development consultants and associates are skilled in a wide-variety of hard-to-find talent, from the letter-perfect editing of your winning proposal, to the planning of your next big public-private partnership – we are here for you. From large-scale project planning to recording your next promotional video, we have a “can do” just for you…

Since 2010, PCW has been actively engaged in projects such as mobile money in Africa to solar street lights in Nepal – helping people, organizations & businesses accomplish humanitarian goals as well as business goals, often at the same time.

Phoenix Consulting Worldwide’s  philosophy of “what is good for one, can be  great for all”  is at the heart of helping you blend responsible corporatism with the enrichment of society, and we are dedicated international development consultants helping like-minded groups do just that – so please read on to see how our unique set of talent can help you help the world.

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Helping you help the world since 2004