What we do for Development Orgs…

Phoenix has long been a leader when it comes to helping out development organizations, and our assistance is as varied as your interests;  from helping out children abducted to work in circuses, to finding a lost puppy – we have the skills to help you find your ROI, no matter what your project entails.

For example, Phoenix consultants have worked on improving tourism in Nepal, helped reduce the impact of climate change in Africa, and helped train hundreds of professional managers in Thailand.

Specific development activities that we can help you with:

For your executive team...
We provide quick seminars on professional leadership and employee motivation, all from a development-world perspective. We know how hard it is to deal with the world's problems day-in, day-out, and we offer uplifting talks on how to get that done without losing your mind, as well as talks on how to increase staff productivity and effectiveness. For help, just contact one of our professional management consultants.
For your program managers...
We can help you in-house or remotely to structure your project plans or build them from scratch using MS Project software and other PM tools. If using logframes, we can help you build those as well. We provide training as well as the doing. We are also great at helping you monitor or evaluate your progress, as well as editing your project documents to letter perfection. If you need to deploy better software to get the job done (such as MS Project Server), we can provide that assistance with professional software engineers on call. For help, contact one of our project management consultants.
For your operational staff...We can help your operations by providing ICT training & support, either remotely or in-your-house. Can your staff improve their office skills & office efficiency? That's a big yes from us with our Microsoft Office training & support. Need help with any kind of media production to help exceed your goals? We can do with our expert communication consultants.

Development Organizations we have recently helped:

Save the Children UNICEF_logo_Cyan
SNVMountain Institute
The World Bank Group ActionAid Nepal