Sushila (Jessy) Rai

Jessy RaiWhile Jessy is not available for hire right now (she’s still doing her 20+ years at The World Bank), she is our backbone here at the agency. From interior design to smoothing out customer challenges, she decorates our world with cheerfulness and light.


Administrative Management

As an Uber-Office Manager at home and at work, Jessy has a long career in managing administrative staff and duties. Her discipline in this discipline stems from her early days at a Singaporean Watch factory, where her attention to detail and single-focused outlook first grew. Nowadays she jungles consultants needs as well as management’s demands without a blink.

Interior Design

As a self-taught artist, Jessy excels at all things interior: from home designs to modern office layouts. She has re-imagined the interior of the World Bank office in Nepal, as well as designing the interior of the Phoenix Studios Nepal recording studio and several local restaurants. From window dressing to the weave of a sofa, Jessy has an eye for it.

Visual Communication

Jessy is often found producing visual media in addition to her administrative duties at the WB; for example, she recently produced a video for HR (on Work-Life balance) and is often found producing room-size banners and logos for international workshops and meetings.

As our CAO & Treasurer, Jessy has a message to all…

Jessy Rai offers this to all of our clients and consultants alike: “If you have a concern, come talk to me.” She is also the PCATWW Treasurer, so if there is an issue with money, she’s your gal.