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Sanzip Rai

Sanzip Rai, Creative Director
Sanzip Rai, Creative Director

With over 3 million YouTube  views to his credit, Sanzip Rai is our go-to Sr. Associate for all things related to video & audio production, as well as for professional photography. His innovative production approaches and filming ability make him very popular with development organizations, TV producers and performing artists.  His camera and editing skills are put to best use while planning a multimedia production such as a documentary, TV commercial or music video. Sanzip is regularly found working with CREATO Pvt. Ltd, Shoot First Films, and Falls Studio – and here are just a few of his many credits:

Development Productions & Other Shorts

  • International Labour Organization (2015)
    • Work in progress
  • World Bank (2015)
    • Director, cinematographer and editor for “Work-Life Balance”
  • Kathmandu College of Management (2015)
    • Director, cinematographer and editor for a promotion of academic services
  • World Bank (2014)
    • Director, cinematographer and editor “The Fast Track : Connecting Kathmandu, Importance & Challenges”
    • Director, cinematographer and editor for “East-West Highway Bridges”
  • World Bank (2013)
    • Director, cinematographer and editor for “The Plight Faced by Kathmandu  Public Transport Users”
  • BBC Radio Nepal (2012)
    • Director, cinematographer and editor for “Radio Play”
  • Himalayan Dreams (2011)
    • Director, cinematographer and editor for a short fundraising documentary

TV Shows & Commercials

Music Videos

Audio Arrangements

In addition to his video talents, Sanzip is also well-known musician, and has composed original music for other artists, as well as for his own productions. Sanzip plays guitar and piano, and has worked with the following artists to arrange, record and  mix & master their work: Shubu Thapa, Nepathya, Adrian Pradhan, Dibya Subba, Jeevan Gurung (The Edge Band), Axis, Albatross, Alt-F4, Nareen Limbu & Sudeep Gurung (Aastha Band), Visan N the Groovers,  Stoned Amp, OST-Bhale Fight, Sudeep Giri, The Shadows, Anil Singh and more.

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Shraddha Shah

Shraddha Shah
Shraddha Shah, Marketing

Shraddha Shah is our top HR Officer (CHRO) here at Phoenix, and she also works as an Operations Analyst within the World Bank Group, Nepal. Prior to that, she was engaged with the WB Education Sector.  She holds an MBA from the Asian Institute of Technology (Thailand), and has several years of experience working in the Netherlands and South Korea. In Nepal, she has worked for several other development organizations, to include: Action Aid Nepal, United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN) and the Women’s Environment Group (WEG).

Project Support Services

Shraddha Shah has extensive experience supporting projects where liaisons between GoN and development partners are key. For example, she has been a key contributor in the implementation of Nepal’s school reforms and implementation of vocational programs.

In addition to her excellent networking and communication abilities, Shraddha is a great researcher. For example, she helped Siemens Ltd. in Thailand develop their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) model through sound research techniques. Likewise, she helped Action Aid Nepal research the impact of conflict on rural Nepali women.


As well as being a great coordinator and researcher, Shraddha is highly qualified when it comes to developing marketing and awareness raising materials. For example, she has developed videos and print materials that are helping conserve Nepal’s Snow Leopard through the Snow Leopard Conservancy of California.  She has also helped coordinate the media-rich training program for the K-Water Corporation located in Daejeon Korea.

Human Resources Support

Shraddha is not only responsible for our HR management, but also helped the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague, Netherlands with their HR initiatives, and now brings our clients informed HR advice and support with international experience.


Shraddha Shah is a member of the following local organizations:

  • Nepalese Youth for Climate Action (NYCA)
  • Founder member of Youth Society For Peace (YSP) in Nepal
  • Bird Conservation Nepal (BCN)

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