For Private Enterprise

In addition to training folks inside & out of development agencies & local governments, Phoenix has a long history of working with private enterprises; mostly helping small businesses get on their feet , or helping larger businesses improve established business practices. So whether your business is  large or small – young or established – we are here to help you…

Recommended workshops just for private enterprise:

For your management team...
See our management skills workshops designed just for project managers and program executives.
For those promoting a product online... See our knowledge sharing, marketing & IT skills workshops aimed at those who want to create better connections with clients & partners online.
For all...
See our communication skills workshops geared for operational staff as well as for managers.

Any of our workshops can be custom-tailored to meet your needs in regards to content or length. Just contact our customer care center for more info on how-to.

Each attendee of a Phoenix workshop gets lifetime access to a special section of this website that includes all the training materials used during the workshop, as well as an area to keep afresh – workshop blog, chat with a trainer, and more!

Businesses that we have recently helped:

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Creato Advertising AgencySleek-kitchen
Project Plan 365
We are an authorized reseller of Project Plan 365, a Microsoft Project alternative. Enrollees in our workshops are eligible for free or heavily discounted licenses.
JWT Nepal


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