Jigs Gaton: CEO, Consultant & Trainer

Jigs Gaton, CEO
Jigs, CEO

Jigs Gaton is the CEO and founder of Phoenix Consulting and Training Worldwide, and for his entire career he has helped large organizations do better. His skill set includes large-scale Project Management, IT, Media Design & Production, and his trademark training & facilitating.

His passions include project planning the hard stuff, and raising his 40kg Alsatian to be a better dog.  He is currently based in Kathmandu Nepal, but also consults all over S. Asia, Africa, the UK and in the USA.

Read on for his entire work-life history…

Project, Knowledge & Information Management

Ever since landing his first real job with IBM back in 1979, Jigs has managed large teams of professionals and helped them accomplish some amazing things: 

  • Known by some as the inventor of the F1 key, Jigs led his IBM team to develop one of the world’s first online help systems that included graphics, video and hypertext together.
  • Again at IBM, Jigs Gaton managed the Creative Lab (an incubator for new products) where Try & Buy was hatched – the precursor to Internet retailing. This was back when software was pressed and delivered on CDs, and customers would try the software before buying – then call a 1-800 number to purchase with a credit card – how quaint!
  • While a Sr. Knowledge Manager with the World Bank in Washington DC, Jigs led teams that developed the Image Bank and the renowned World Bank Knowledge Bank, an online archive of projects dating back to the 1944 Bretton Woods Conference. 
  • Now as a consultant, Jigs has trained well over a thousand participants with his Power to Plan Workshop, which is a customizable programme (usually 3-5 days long) that gets project managers up to speed using the latest in PM techniques & technology.

Information Technology

Ever since high school (where Jigs had access to an IBM mainframe) he’s been enamored with IT, computers and anything to do with applications that make life easier for the human race. Here are just a few of the projects he has had the opportunity to work on: 

  • Jigs helped incorporate a version of the IBM 7535 Robotic Arm System into the high-volume manufacture of floppy diskettes – yes, he’s that old!
  • Jigs worked with the IBM team that first mixed text & graphics for output on IBM laser printers using AFP and the Print Service Facility – can you believe that before that we had to cut and paste using blades and paper?
  • Jigs also worked worked on the IBM 4731, one of the world’s first ATM machines; there he wrote a bit of code and managed the testing department – and this ATM had a periscope instead of a display!
  • Jigs was also one of the many developers who brought forth the now defunct PC operating system: OS/2 Warp, which was like MS Windows – but not!

Rest assured that Jigs has kept up well with his IT skills over the years, as he can be found at any moment tinkering with a Microsoft Project Server or otherwise trying new tools that make management tasks a little bit easier to accomplish – like Wordpress and the development of this website.

Media Design & Production

Related to his IT skills, Jigs has always been involved in designing information in multimedia formats, from his patent on Object-Oriented Writing (OOW), to his founding of Phoenix Studios Nepal, he has been incessant in designing better ways to deliver bits and bytes to the masses. For example: 

  • Jigs has helped organizations like UNICEF put reports and conference proceedings   onto digital media (eDVDs).
  • He has edited countless video documentaries, promotions and presentations that have  helped both large & small organizations explain (in simple terms) what they are about, and what they are doing.
  • Jigs and the team of Phoenix Studios Nepal were the first to bring MTV-style video programming to Nepal.
  • Jigs has just developed a new workshop (The Power to Persuade) for graphic designers or anyone who wants to present both persuasively and visually.

Training & Facilitation

Jigs Gaton is well-known in Asia, Africa, the UK and USA for his workshops on Project Management, Communication Skills and Professional Management – where he has trained well over a thousand professionals in the fine art of better managing large projects using technology, and in communicating better using professional writing & editing techniques. For example:

  • Working with APCOM, UNDP and the Global Fund, Jigs just completed a project that helped these organizations develop a set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and training course for Results-Based Management, which was rolled out to six Partners and throughout South Asia.
  • Working with the Empowerment Learning & Development Centre (ELD), Jigs brought MS Project software into their professional-management mix of courseware.
  • While working with Adam Smith International (ASI), Jigs trains Project Managers & Analysts on how to mind-map out large-scale projects, and then schedule the projects using Microsoft Project software.
  • And just to do something completely different, Jigs can often be found holding talks in local primary schools regarding the plight of captive elephants, or how to better care for pets. Jigs is also one of the original founders of the popular Animal Welfare NGO in Nepal: www.animalnepal.org – and he has a big dog named Krypto (he’s on Facebook).

Jigs Military Service

Jigs is also a Vietnam-Era Veteran (oh so many years ago) and he served in the U.S. Army as a combat construction specialist (4th Infantry Division) – in other words, he blew things up! Now averse to loud noises and deaf in one ear, Jigs has many old war stories to tell to anyone who will listen…Skype Jigs for one!

To Contact or Meet Jigs…

To contact Jigs direct, just fill out the Select & Connect form. If invited to visit Jigs, here is a map to help you find him:

Corporate Office Map
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