Jigs Gaton

Message from the CEO


Even as an ex-New Yorker born in the bowery, I find the greeting Namaste to be the best way to greet someone I’ve not yet met. Loosely translated, Namaste means “the spirit within me salutes the spirit in you” and is the common greeting of Nepal. Most often accompanied by hands pointed together with a slight bow, this general sign of respect is what I would like to convey to you today. The spirit in which you found this page, and the spirit that Phoenix wishes to portray, is one of hope in this age when suffering is rampant and disappointment profound. It is these two givens of life that we wish to alleviate – both in our dealings with you as a client, and in the world-at-large.

Call this our guiding principle – helping you help the world – is more to us at Phoenix than a catchphrase or something nice to put in our logo.

Over the course of what seems like an endless career in commerce & development, I’ve often come across managers whose sole motivation seemed quite the opposite of helpful – more like “give me everything that you got, then give me some more.” This obsessiveness over – for the lack of a better word – greed, was my motivation for starting Phoenix Consulting and Training Worldwide, which is really just a small band of work-brothers & sisters united by three things:

  1. Talent. The core team assembled here has to be some of the most talented individuals I’ve ever met, and all in this unassuming place we call home – Kathmandu Nepal. Now Kathmandu may not be known as a seething pool of raw talent, or filled with experienced worldly workers, but I am here to tell you – it is!
  2. Respect. During my 18-year stint at IBM, I walked under a banner each day that proclaimed “Respect for the Individual,” and when I look back at those years my only regret is that the banner did not encompass much more, to include respect for different cultures and races, respect for all flora &  fauna, and in general, respect for the planet in which we inhabit. At Phoenix, this is exactly where we stand.
  3. Motivation. Our team is highly motivated in regards to our core principle of being extremely useful to your organization – in all ways possible. From offering you reasonable rates to delivering high-quality consulting and training, our motivation comes from a spirit of making a difference, from turning wrong into right – in short – being helpful in a world that often seems helpless in the face of complex challenges.

So in that spirit  – once again – Namaste!

Jigs Gaton, CEO
Phoenix Consulting and Training Worldwide
September 1, 2015