The Power to Plan

P2P at the Marriott London County House, London, UK
Power to Plan at the Marriott London County House, London, UK

The Power to Plan Workshop is for project managers who want to improve their project planning skills using the latest methodologies and tools.

This workshop is for both the beginning project manager as well as the most experienced – anyone who wants to brush up on the latest in project management techniques & tools will benefit.

The 3 (or 5-day) workshop helps participants develop & schedule projects quickly and collaboratively by:

  1. Breaking down project work using a visualization tool (mind-mapping).
  2. Taking the visualization and rendering project schedules and budgets using Project Plan 365  or Microsoft Project.
  3. Using the plans created to explore many important aspects of project management, such as risk assessment, reporting, resource management and more.

Participants typically take any work done during the workshop and further refine the work after the workshop – immediately putting their new plans into play.

Workshop Goals

During this workshop, participants will work in teams to achieve the following:

  • Brainstorm your organization’s current state of project planning, and discuss how to do better
  • Explore PM apps and services available on the market today
  • Learn the fundamentals of creating a quick Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Use MindJet MindManager to visually represent a WBS
  • Create a project plan w/schedule & budget from a mind-mapped WBS, by importing that data into Project Plan 365 / Microsoft Project
  • Learn the ins & outs of the Project Plan 365 or Microsoft Project interface
  • Create a custom Red-Amber-Green (RAG) Indicator and explore other customizations
  • Create a master plan and subplans for better portfolio management, and discuss the establishment of a Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Create a common resource pool for a set of project plans that will help you manage resources across different teams (HR management)
  • Produce financial reports and other key project reports using built-in reporting tools
  • Learn how to best share project data from within Project Plan 365 or Microsoft Project, and how to best collaborate with team members, partners and stakeholders
  • Plus much more!

Typical Daily Schedule

Three-day Power to Plan Workshop Outline (click to enlarge)
Three-day Power to Plan Workshop Outline (click to enlarge)

The 5-day training (vs. the 3-day training) follows the same basic schedule, but has more exercises and time for a deeper dive into MS Project (and alternative apps). In addition, there is more time allowed for knowledge sharing between participants.  A 5-day training also works best for groups greater than 9 and up to 20, and for a mixed-organization environment (i.e. public workshop).

How We Deliver the Power to Plan Workshop

The Power to Plan Workshop is best delivered in-house direct to your PMO team, or any group of planners responsible for the design and scheduling of projects. We can take existing plans or upcoming project ideas and render them in MS Project before the end of the training. This workshop is also offered publicly (several times a year, so sign-up now and we will let you know when & where the next workshop is taking place.

In addition, all of our workshops are participatory in nature, and allow time for experience sharing as well as a pre-flight expectation gathering. Our trainers are also skilled at gauging how the workshop is progressing and can adjust both the pace and content. Every workshop includes a comprehensive training report upon completion, that gives your management team a blow-by-blow accounting using daily feedback results from each participant.

Workshop materials are all-digital in format, and provided to all registrants via this website (user registration required). Once your registration is confirmed, all materials can be downloaded at anytime – forever! Specifically included with this workshop:

  • Certificates of Training (in both print and digital form)
  • Workshop slides in PDF format
  • Video tutorials & a 506-page E-book w/ exercises
  • Trial versions of all software used, with discounts available on select apps
  • Lifetime access to a special Participant Page, chocked full of resources
  • Free license for the Tap-on-the-Shoulder MS Project add-in (a $49 value)
  • Free 1-year subscription to Project Plan 365 (a MS Project Alternative, a $129.99 value)

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