The Power to Record

The Power to Record Workshop is for anyone who needs to create multimedia content using the very latest in technology & tools. With over 3,500,000 Youtube hits on Phoenix-produced video, our A/V team is here to help you do the same.

But tools and techniques are not the whole story behind this workshop. Since great storytelling is what we preach, there will be lots of storytelling-time allowed before you prepare your script. Not only do you learn how to shoot and & edit footage, you also about the power of documentary storytelling.

This workshop is especially geared towards the in-house producer of documentaries and marketing materials, as well as for youth reporters or other individuals that want to tell their story through engaging video.

Workshop Goals

The Power to Record Workshop goals are simple:

  1. In just a few short days, you become a better storyteller and render a simple story of your own.
  2. You will learn script writing using common notation, just as script writers do when drafting blockbuster movies & television shows.
  3. You will create a storyboard that tells your production team (or whoever is operating the camera) just what to do.
  4. We will help you choose a soundtrack, as well as help you understand the complex dynamic between sound and motion.
  5. You will design a simple animation to enhance your visual presentation, and then learn how animation augments any video production.
  6. We will help you become familiar with the plethora of tools and technologies found on the cutting room floor.

Typical Daily Schedule

P2V Power to Record [5-day] - Click to enlarge...
P2V Power to Record [5-day] – Click to enlarge…

How We Deliver

The Power to Plan Record Workshop is best delivered in-house, direct to your team within your organization.  In this way, we can take your existing script or upcoming project idea and help you render that into digital media before the end of training – with all key players in attendance.

The Power to Plan Record Workshop is also offered publicly – several times a year – so select & connect with us now and we will let you know when and where the next workshop is taking place. Note: budding Youth Reporters are welcome to apply for a Phoenix Scholarship for any of these public offerings.

In addition, our workshops are participatory, and allow ample time for experience sharing, as well as a pre-flight expectation gathering. Our trainers are skilled at managing workshop flow, and we adjust both the pace and the content accordingly. We leave no participant behind!

Every workshop includes a comprehensive training report upon completion, and this report gives your management team (or your mom) a blow-by-blow accounting, using daily feedback results from each participant.

Workshop materials are all-digital in format, and provided to registrants via this website (user registration required). Once your registration is confirmed, all materials can be downloaded at anytime – forever! Specifically included with this workshop:

  • Lifetime access to a special participant page on this website.
  • Workshop slides in PDF format.
  • Sample scripts and project templates.
  • eBook on How to Make a Documentary.
  • Trial versions of all software used.
  • Certificate of Training – in both printed and digital formats.

* Content and schedule of this workshop subject to change, and can be fully customized to meet your organization’s needs.

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