The Power to Lead and Govern

The Power to Lead and Govern is an in-house and custom-designed workshop for organizations that want to improve their management team’s ability to lead and to govern. Specifically, this workshop helps organizations:

  1. Surface innovation and train leaders to do better using tried & true (and new) leadership  techniques.
  2. Allow managers to practice and learn the habits of highly effective leaders through exercises and other participatory group work.
  3. Have participants create or update a personal development plan.
  4. Review their organization’s good-governance document and update as needed.

This 3-day workshop is custom-tailored to your organizational needs – to include the selection of a keynote speaker that exemplifies great leadership within your business or development community.

For example, if your organization is focused on improving Hotel Management, we will help you acquire and prep a leader from the Hotel Management community to be your keynote speaker, and who will first kick off the workshop, and then be available during the workshop to inspire others.

Workshop Goals

The Power to Lead and Govern Workshop goals are as follows:

  1. Provide an orientation on leadership & innovation within your organizational context.
  2. Allow for practice influencing others in a positive and effective way.
  3. Give great examples of innovative leadership, with a personal accounting of traits and behaviors needed to be successful (leadership-by-example).
  4. Deliver  knowledge and skills regarding leadership and good governance, to include the creation (or update) of a personal development plan (each participant) and the creation (or update) of a good-governance document (as a team).
  5. Allow participants to practice being a strong leader, through role-play and other group exercises.

Typical Daily Schedule

Typical 3-day Schedule – Click to Enlarge…

How We Deliver

The Power to Lead and Govern Workshop  is delivered in-house* or at a venue of your choosing. If your team is located in Kathmandu, Bangkok, London or Pretoria, we can even arrange the venue and help you with all the other logistics.

This participatory workshop includes the following unique features:

  1. A rapid assessment survey to poll participants online, before arriving at the workshop.
  2. An Pre/Post test of participants (optional) with an analysis of improvement after the workshop concludes.
  3. A comprehensive training report upon completion, that gives your executive management team a blow-by-blow accounting of the workshop as delivered.
  4. Other unique workshop materials, see below…

Our Workshop materials are all-digital in format, and provided to all registrants via this website (user registration required). Once your registration is confirmed, all materials can be downloaded at anytime – forever! Specifically included with this workshop:

  • Presentation Slides for workshop in PDF format.
  • Exercise files and Icebreaker instructions.
  • Related ebooks and audiobooks.
  • Software (mind-mapping tool).
  • Lifetime access to the workshop’s participant page, chocked full of resources.
  • Training Certificate (in both printed and digital form).

* Content and schedule of this workshop subject to change, and can be fully customized to meet your organization’s needs, for example, more or less time can be spent on developing your good governance protocols as a group, or can be developed offline as a form of technical assistance from Phoenix experts.

To find out more about this custom offering (pricing, logistics, etc.), please contact Jigs Gaton for personal assistance.