The Power to Engage

The Power to Engage Workshop is an in-house custom workshop for the enterprise that wants to learn tools & techniques that will connect the public to their organization in the digital world, which in turn builds lasting relationships that go beyond just an internet connection. In other words, this workshop is for marketing professionals and managers that would like to explore the following:

  • Measurement and management of customer / client engagements
  • The importance of “talent-hiring” within your organization
  • The role of the Employee – Customer relationship
  • How to inspire employees for success
  • Harnessing the power of emotional connections
  • Leveraging technology in all of your digital engagements:
    • Is your website really working? Take it to the next level!
    • All about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    •  Microsoft Dynamics CRM & alternatives
    • Better mailing list management
    • and more!

Workshop Goals

During The Power to Engage Workshop, participants will work in teams (and individually) to achieve the following:

  • Brainstorm your org’s current state of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and discuss how to do better
  • Learn how to better hire for innovation within your organization, and understand the dynamic between good managers, inspired employees and happy customers and clients
  • Explore the psychology behind establishing lasting relationships between customers and clients
  • Practice using new technologies that delivering marketing campaigns that matter (tracking and measuring customer engagement)

Typical Daily Schedule

P2SEO Class Outline [3-day] - Click to enlarge...
Power to Engage Class Outline [3-day] – Click to enlarge…

How We Deliver

The Power to Engage Workshop is best delivered in-house* and direct to your marketing and HR team, or any group of managers within your organization that is responsible for customer or client relationships.

We will analyze your current systems and methods and come up with an action plan for improvement before the end of the training. In addition, all of our workshops are participatory in nature, and allow time for experience sharing as well as a pre-flight expectation gathering. Our trainers are also skilled at gauging how the workshop is progressing and can adjust both the pace and content. Every workshop includes a comprehensive training report upon completion, that gives your management team a blow-by-blow accounting, using daily feedback results from each participant.

Workshop materials are all-digital in format, and provided to all registrants via this website (user registration required). Once your registration is confirmed, all materials can be downloaded at anytime – forever! Specifically included with this workshop:

  • Workshop slides in PDF format
  • eBooks on CRM & SEO
  • Lifetime access to your Participant Page
  • Trial versions of all software used
  • Certificate of Training (in printed and digital formats)

* Content and schedule of this workshop subject to change, and can be fully customized to meet your organization’s needs (i.e. for specific CRM tools in place, such as SAP or MS Dynamics).

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