The Power to Serve

The Power to Serve Workshop is an in-house and custom designed workshop for enterprises who want to improve their overall knowledge-sharing systems, to include Microsoft Sharepoint and other knowledge-sharing tools deployed.

While geared more for end users, this modular workshop optionally sets aside time at the front-end to install or upgrade Microsoft Sharepoint & Project servers (and any other pre-requisites). Installations are performed by our own Microsoft-certified associates.

This 5- to 7-day workshop is custom-tailored to your organizational needs – from helping marketing staff get the most from Sharepoint collaborations, to helping project managers share & collect data using Microsoft Project. This workshop brings together your IT,  HR, marketing and PMO teams so everyone winds up on the same shared page.

Workshop Goals

The Power to Serve Workshop goals are simple:

  1. Upgrade or install a state-of-the-art knowledge-sharing system, and build capacity within your IT group.
  2. Train managers in the art of sharing information (whether it be project, HR or marketing-related data)
  3. Set plans for further enhancing your organization’s ability to share knowledge and data after the workshop concludes

Typical Daily Schedule

P2SERVE Class Outline [7-day] - Please click to enlarge...
Power to Server Class Outline [7-day] – Please click to enlarge…

How We Deliver

The Power to Serve Workshop is delivered in-house, with an optional advance team that will inspect, upgrade and otherwise make functional your systems. The remaining workshop days are spent with users of the system, making sure they are proficient and comfortable with changes made.

In addition, all of our workshops are participatory in nature, and allow time for experience sharing as well as a pre-flight expectation gathering. Our trainers are also skilled at gauging how the workshop is progressing and can adjust both the pace and content. Every workshop includes a comprehensive training report upon completion, that gives your management team a blow-by-blow accounting. using daily feedback results from each participant.

Workshop materials are all-digital in format, and provided to all registrants via this website (user registration required). Once your registration is confirmed, all materials can be downloaded at anytime – forever!. Specifically included with this workshop:

  • Software guides for any installed software (ebooks)
  • Trial versions of any software used during the training
  • Slides for workshop in PDF format
  • Lifetime access to the workshop’s participant page, chocked full of resources
  • Access to our own  hosted Microsoft Sharepoint / Microsoft Project Server for training purposes
  • Training Certificates (in both printed and digital formats)

* Content and schedule of this workshop subject to change, and can be fully customized to meet your organization’s needs (i.e. for specific CRM tools in place, such as SAP or MS Dynamics)

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