The Power to Train

The Power to Train Workshop is for organizational leaders, project managers and project officers who want to improve their training design and effective delivery skills using updated approaches and tools. In short, this workshop teaches you skills that help you assess any participant’s learning needs, design appropriate training courses, and prepare learner-friendly materials in order to deliver a state-of-the-art workshop or seminar.

This 5-day workshop is held publically, or can be custom-tailored to an organization’s needs. For example, if you need an entire team that is responsible to plan trainings and deliver training plans for a wide range of audience, this workshop is an ideal place to get that work started.

This workshop is for both the beginning professional as well as the experienced – anyone who wants to really dig deep into training design and delivery should plan on attending.

Workshop Goals

During The Power to Train Workshop, participants will work in teams (and individually) to achieve the following:

  • Brainstorm existing capacity for training design & delivery within your organization
  • Understand the key qualities of a successful training
  • Explore how your training design skills can be improved by following best-practice techniques & tools
  • Improving your skills in choosing and using appropriate training methods, and adapt these methods and tools in several different training  contexts
  • Improve your skills in designing appropriate audio-visuals while taking the learning styles of adults into consideration
  • Plan how to ensure that any training delivered can achieve preconceived learning objectives
  •  Improve your overall communication skills as a facilitator (presentation, oral delivery and written)

Typical Daily Schedule

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The Power to Train Outline (5-day) – Click to enlarge…

How We Deliver

The Power to Train Workshop is most often delivered in the form of a public workshop, where people interested in training design & delivery from many different organizations can gather and learn – you can go here to sign-up up for that now, or check our schedule to see when the next workshop will run. In addition, this workshop can also be custom-tailored as an in-house training – just send us an info request, and then we’ll talk.

All of our workshops are participatory in nature, and our trainers allow time for experience sharing and reflection, as well as a pre-flight expectation gathering to ensure most of the individual expectations can best be addressed within the scope of course.  Our trainers are also skilled at gauging how the workshop is progressing, and can adjust both the pace and content accordingly (we leave no participant behind).

Every workshop includes a comprehensive training report upon completion that gives your management team a blow-by-blow accounting using daily feedback results from each participant.

Workshop materials are all-digital in format, and provided to all registrants via this website (user registration required). Once your registration is confirmed, all materials can be downloaded at anytime – forever! Specifically included with this workshop are:

  • Workshop slides in PDF format
  •  Access to a special workshop page on this website – chocked full of resources
  • A copy of the video session where you were critiqued
  • Trial versions of any software used during the workshop
  • Certificates of Training  printed on certificate paper and in digital format


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