The Power to Write and Edit Like a Pro

Come join two or more (maybe all) of the following long-time residents and writers living in the KTM Valley: Jigs, John, Lucia and Uttam for The Power to Write & Edit Like a Pro (in just 1 day).  Here, in a relaxed venue and either on a Friday or a Saturday, this team will help you become a better writer & editor, but not in months or weeks – instead, in  just a few hours!

This public workshop (only held in Kathmandu, Nepal) is guaranteed to make you a better professional writer or editor  – or your tea break allowance will be refunded. No, seriously, how could you go wrong spending one day with two, three or more professional writers with over a century or more of combined writing & editing experience?

This day is for any writer or editor, aspiring or expiring, who wants to brush up on or otherwise improve their writing & editing skills.

Note: All participants should bring a laptop loaded with their writing tool of choice.

Workshop Goals

In this workshop, participants will work to achieve the following:

  • Meet other local professionals and “hook up” with like-minded writers and editors through a guided experience-sharing
  • Discuss what makes for great storytelling
  • Discuss the impediments to becoming a fantastic professional writer
  • Learn how to organize your thoughts using new software, leading to a more organized experience, for both you and your reader
  • Review the basics of clear and persuasive writing through exercises (both mental & physical)
  • Learn how to use analytical writing tools such as the FOG index to measure your success, or lack thereof
  • Write a short piece and have it edited on the spot
  • Have a social meal and share lots of laughter (or tears)
  • Edit a short piece, and have that evaluated on the spot
  • Hear what two, three or more “old timers” have to say on:
    • Journalism
    • Blogging
    • Tech writing
    • and more!

Typical Schedule

P2W The Power to Write Edit Like a Pro In Just One Day Schedule – Click to enlarge…
The Power to Write  and Edit Like a Pro in Just One Day Outline  – Click to enlarge…

How We Deliver

The Power to Write & Edit Like a Pro (in just 1 day) is always delivered as a  public workshop, where people interested in professional writing from many different walks of life can gather and learn – you can go here to sign-up up for that now, or check our schedule to see when the next workshop will run.

All of our workshops are participatory in nature, and our trainers allow time for experience sharing as well as a pre-flight expectation gathering. Our trainers are also skilled at gauging how the workshop is progressing, and can adjust both the pace and content accordingly (we leave no participant behind). This workshop can optionally include a comprehensive training report (a small fee required) that gives your management team (or your mom) a blow-by-blow accounting, all using feedback results from the plenary – as well as observations from the trainers.

Workshop materials are all-digital in format, and provided to all registrants via this website (a special participant page is created just for you). Once your payment is made, you will have access to all downloadable resources – until the end of time, or until the internet goes belly up – whichever comes first. Specifically included with this workshop are:

  • Workshop slides from each presenter in PDF format
  • Unlimited access to a special page on this website
  • Trial versions of any software used
  • A professional edit on a short work of your choosing (optional, small fee applies)
  • Certificates of Training (in both printed and digital formats)

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