What is a Phoenix custom in-house training?

So glad that you asked! A custom in-house training is one where we take your requirements regarding any topic that we train on, and create a workshop just for your organization or business.

For example, your team needs training on project management, but the entire team can’t afford to be away from the office for an entire week. So we take our project management course materials and craft a training that fits your team’s needs (typically either 3-5 days), and then we deliver the custom training where you are, and on the dates that you prefer.

Benefits of in-house vs. public trainings…

Some of the benefits of holding an in-house training vs. sending your folks to one of our public workshops include:

  • Cost savings! For example, to send 10 people to our popular The Power to Report Workshop, the total training bill* would be $5000 USD. But if we designed a custom in-house training to be delivered in your office, your training bill could be as low as $3,350 USD. We can pass on a savings of up to 33% direct to you, as our costs are lower when we don’t provide the venue, meals and tea snacks.
  • Better, more intimate teamwork! Working with the team you know has it’s rewards. In-house workshops are great for getting together folks who are often too busy to spend much time together.
  • Tailored to your objectives! In-house trainings are streamlined to fit your specific objectives. For example, if you are trying to get a new project online, our Power To Plan Workshop can be tailored using your own project data in a safe and secure environment – yours!
  • Time Savings! In-house trainings are great time savers; let’s use the example above regarding The Power To Plan Workshop: in every case we have run this workshop in-house, project managers were able to use the plans created during class, after class – resulting in a significant time savings for all teams involved.

These are just a few benefits of a custom in-house trainings. So feel free to select and connect with us, and then begin discussing your next custom in-house training on any of our subject matter. We will then design the very best training based on your needs and on your schedule.

* Training bills do not include any transportation / meals costs for trainer(s) or costs for workshop materials (if any).

Custom in-house training: let's use your wall instead of ours!
Custom in-house training: let’s use your wall instead of ours!